Half Bad (Half Life Trilogy)

Half Bad (Half Life Trilogy) - Sally Green Hmm. How do I explain this?
So the book was divided into six parts, and this is my reaction to each part:

Part One: "What? I don't understand the beginning. Is this a horror story???"
Part Two: "I still don't understand Part One, but WHOAHH I really really like this part!! It seemed like I have read other stories with the same aura as this, but there's something that makes this story unique in its own way." "WOW I can't stop reading"
Part Three: "Ohh now I understand Part One. I like how the story has gone dark again. Although I must say, some chapters on this Part of the story lacked some action. Maybe a few actions here and there, but mainly it was more on talking, observing, thinking."
Part Four: "There were just so many new names introduced in this part. I hate when all of a sudden, they introduce many characters. And there were characters that weren't really emphasized, like I wonder what happened to Trev and Nikita."
Part Five: "I didn't really enjoy this part, and I don't have much to say about it. So I'll leave it that."
Part Six: "I liked how this part was a mix of talking and action. I wanted to cry when Rose died and Gabriel risked his life for Nathan. (Although I would've probably cried if Gabriel died, which wasn't told in the story.) Also, I was touched by the scene where Marcus gave Nathan the three gifts. He's a bad witch, but a good father. AWWWWWW."

I would've given this 5/5 if it wasn't for the ending that sort of ruined it. I mean, I was literally dumbfounded by the ending. I expected so much, and then the ending just got me like, "Huh?". I know this is part of a trilogy, but I think that was a poor ending to a book.