She's Dating the Gangster

She's Dating the Gangster - SGwannabe (Bianca B. Bernardino), James John Andres I wasn't supposed to write a review for this book, but I'm feeling too much emotions right now, and when I feel emotional, I write.


I've seen the movie before I decided to read the book.
I guess it's true, what they say, that the movie version is different from the book.

I like the book as much as I like the movie.
The beginning was actually good. It made me want to read further more.
Then came the middle-part of the story, which is usually the boring parts. It wasn't boring. Although, I sort of got lost at some point with Kenji and Athena's complicated pretend-relationship. It was like they argue most of the time and I got sick of reading about their arguments. I can't believe Athena can put up with a mean bully like Kenji. But then, the tagline of this book is "...It's finding an imperfect person perfectly." (I really like that!) Anyway, what happened to Abigail? It's either the author forgot to write about what happened to her, or my eyes decided to skip that part on the book (because I was too annoyed at how much of a prick she was). I guess she probably died. I really admired Lucas and probably want to love and be loved by someone like him someday.
Since I saw the movie first, I never expected that Kenji and Athena would get married. Although it was nice that they did. (Good for them!) Anyway, as I was approaching the ending, I began making guesses like, "Okay, Athena's gonna die, and Kenji's going to move on with his life (you know, like in Nicholas Sparks' "A Walk To Remember"). Okay." But it was not the ending that I was expecting! (I'm so glad that before I read this book, nobody gave me spoilers on the true ending on the book would be.)

Oh my god!!! I'm still crying. (As I'm typing this, my keyboard is drenched with tears). Perhaps the ending was more like a "Romeo and Juliet". I cry because Kenji loved Athena so much that he would "follow" her. You don't see that kind of love around very often! They would love each other always...forever.

I'm going to end now because I can see no longer with my eyes in tears.

5/5 stars! (for the ending. I love endings like that!(